Begüm Malkoçlar

Begum Malkoclar (b. 1999) is a Turkish artist currently working in Istanbul and London. Her work focuses on investigating the intrinsic link between reality and fiction, alluding to the dynamic nature of memory itself which changes and shifts. By attempting to understand her cultural background, she takes a step backwards and examines reflections of memories in a humanistic and tender manner. She is interested in the particularity of the memories as they come from our very subjective point of view and provide us with the material for communication and the necessary tools to create stories. Through her art practice, Begum navigates fundamental themes surrounding identity, existence, nature, family, history, and time. To bridge the past with present, she employs a variety of media, including analog and digital film, hand-drawn and digitally-drawn illustrations, embroidery, collages, and writing. Begum maintains a playful, child-like disposition in her art, where fiction and non-fiction are intricately woven together, culminating in a theatrical restaging of moments. As a contemporary artist, Begum actively strives to discover and preserve the past with all of its possibilities while also allowing for a malleability and acceptance of new interpretations over time as her practice shapes and grows. For her, past is like a mystery that could only be detangled by slowly weaving the tapestry of time and space and re-inventing time through creative storytelling. Therefore, she aims to create her own personal archive, by examining every  component of memories; dreams, myths and stories to create an alternative historical approach of our experience in life and understand further the construction of the self.

Begum Malkoclar holds a BA diploma from the Pratt Institute, NYC and has completed her Master at the Royal College of Art in Contemporary Art Practice.

Exhibitions and Workshops
2024 Artist Residency, 484 Urban Garden x Büyükdere35 Gallery, Istanbul
2023  “The Boulevard of Lost Faces”, Flouze Art Fundraiser for Morocco, Royal Georges, London
2023  Creative Writing Workshop with Mario Levi, BuART, Istanbul
2023 “The Reason For All, I.L.Y”, Prince Charles Cinema, RCA Contemporary Art Practice Film Screening
2023  “The Reason For All, I.L.Y”, Royal College of Arts Degree Show, RCA2023, London
2023  “The Patterns of Our Childhood”, Beyond Surface, Tate Modern Lates, London
2022-24  Creative Writing Workshop with Murat Gülsoy, BUYEM, Istanbul
2021  “Anane”, Pratt Institute Film and Video Undergraduate Degree Show, New York City
2021 Creative Writing and Improvisation Workshop with  Kemal Hamamcioglu, Craft Theater Company, Istanbul
2020 “The Case of Object Unspecified 152”, Junior Year Film Screening, Pratt Institute , New York City
2020 “The Case of Object Unspecified 152”, Trinity Film Festival, Audience Choice Awards, New York City