The Reason for All, I.L.Y (Hepsinin Sebebi, S.S.),
four-channel screens with paper sculptures, 2023,

These four mixed-media films portray a bittersweet memoir of a family that pieces together moments from the past and present in the beautiful landscape of Istanbul.

“The things that make us who we are: our silent decisions in life, our blurry memories, the unique coincidences. Deciding to turn left instead of right. The old mulberry tree standing quietly in the garden. My grandma’s flower patterned tablecloths. Our first ever heartbreak.

The endless yellow sunflower fields strething out through the hills. A big red juicy watermelon. Playing cards, reading books, listening to songs. And collecting seashells deep within the shores.

Everything, every. object, every person, every contact, every emotion, every loss, every bond that has brought us to this very moment, this body, this present.”