We Are All Here Part. 3: Yasemin In A Box, Digital Collage, 2023

"Something without a foundation, sooner or later collapses like a sandcastle. When we deceive ourselves by thinking we're okay, we don't realize how empty we feel inside. Then we ask ourselves, are we happy? Not really. But we can't admit that we're unhappy either. It's a feeling of emptiness, just focused on getting through the day. As if everything at home runs smoothly, the clothes are nicely ironed, the dishes are sparkling clean, and if there are ten different dishes in the fridge, it doesn't seem like a big deal that there's nothing else.”

At first, she was very angry.

Then, she was very hurt.

Only after a few years was she able to accept it.

Then, life continued for everyone.

"Can someone who grew up without love, love themselves? Can someone who doesn't love themselves, be loved by others?"

When you fall and look around for help but don't see anyone, you realize that you're the only one who can save yourself from this deep and dense emptiness. You learn that you need to heal your own wounds before anyone else does. You see that no one will pity you, look after you, or hold your hand. It's just you and life. Against you and with you and somehow you find your way.